Its not every day that you are asked to photograph a family members wedding. I think photographing family is the absolute most nerve-racking job as I SO want to get it right. My cousin Shelby picked the most gorgeous bride Steph, who we all absolutely love. This day was full of emotions but it made the day so beautiful. Stephanie got a call while getting ready at the salon letting her know that her grandma has been rushed to the hospital. She didnt make it. Beautiful Steph held it together so well and was an incredible host till the end of the night. Their theme – glamour and BLING. There were diamonds everywhere and the details at the reception were all put together by Steph and her mom, who own a event company. Guests mouths were hanging open as they stepped into the reception, it was WOW. We were lovingly asked to wrap up and enjoy the mid-night snack (a sushi bar) and dance with my whole family, what an amazing night. We love you Steph and Shelby!ss3 ss4 ss5 ss6 getting_ready (82) reception (5) ss1 ss2 ceremony (8) ss7 ss11 weddingparty (41) ss10 weddingparty (70) weddingparty (97) weddingparty (110) ss9 ss8 decor (10) ss12 decor (8) reception (38) ss14 reception (98) ss13 reception (121)