I had the unexpected delight of being asked to do photos for our pastor’s family. I have to be honest, I was a little intimidated going into this session as I have only ever heard Mark’s booming voice on Sundays and never had the opportunity to interact with this family outside of church.  Lets just say I said a longer prayer than usual on the way to this session. I am pleased to affirm they are ridiculously sweet, relaxed and all around darling (hope im not ruining Marks image ).  The Clark family was graciously given a friends home and acreage to use for their photos, which was beyond magazine stunning. Pairing the families charm with sunshine, fantastic outfits and eden land reminded me of why I just love my job. Thank you Clark family for inspiring so many through your selflessness and persistence to bring anyone and everyone closer to our maker. You are loved.IMG_6396-2 blog4 IMG_6399 Untitled-1 IMG_6421-2 blog2 IMG_6475 blog3 IMG_6483 IMG_6559 IMG_6583 blog1 IMG_6756 IMG_6746 IMG_6695 blog5 IMG_6886 IMG_6831