Hi all, thank you so much for stopping by. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know where I am at on my journey to discovering who I am as an artist.

In the last month I had the opportunity of being mentored by an incredible woman I look up to, who has a definitive style and massive following. Her name is Joy Prouty of wildflowersphotos, currently based out of California. She helped me stop during the business of everyday which gave me the opportunity to look at who I am and what I love about life/photography. I worked with couples and families and learnt how to simply capture their relationships. So completely inspired.

I’m currently in a reverie of conceptualizing my brand, presentation and marketing while figuring out a perfect work life balance, as being a stellar mom and wife will always be my greatest hope. I haven’t posted any work on my site since my mentorship and I look forward to showcasing it all once I get through the craziness of wedding season. In the mean-time I have been posting sneaks on instagram and facebook, as well as sharing a bit of our personal lives there.

If i could just thank you all again for the incredible support i’ve received in my ambitions of making photography my career, every kind word continues to drive me and every new booking is a blessing.

much love,