Rob and Sarah came so well prepared for their adventurous engagement session. They brought so many things that had special meaning to them and chose a location that they love to visit together. Thanks to their contributions my mind went wild with ideas and we even managed to talk the Deer Lake Park boat rental place into letting us use a boat and paddle while I photographed (their amazing!). At one point in the forest I got so caught up in their complete love for eachother that I didnt notice I was stepping off the edge of a bank and into waist deep marsh. Thankfully camera was safe, I was soaked for the duration of the photo shoot but it definitely was a good laugh while I emptied my boots and tried to ring out my clothes. Hopefully didnt contract marsh disease. After the marsh and the boating (which surprisingly didnt involve any clumsy moves on my part while I hung over the side of a paddle boat) Sarah and Rob pulled out a vintage trunk and candidly cuddled and danced until the beautiful sun set. Great day, just love these two and cant wait until their marriage day.rs5 Rob-&-Sarah-(15) Rob-&-Sarah-(18) rs6 Rob-&-Sarah-(45) Rob-&-Sarah-(43) Rob-&-Sarah-(1) rs1 rs2 rs3