I was so excited to photograph Ron and Megan this year not only because they are one of the most genuine, kind couples I have ever met but also because Smitten Events¬†would be styling the day. Every detail of their wedding was so thoroughly planned, which included items from my favorite shop, Etsy. I loved Megan’s choice of wild flower bouquets and the stunning heritage home called Cammidge House they had on the beach for the entire day. The girls were all kindred spirits, so focused on helping each girl look their best but also so relaxed. I think Kev was more than excited he had his giant Ford truck at the wedding when we piled all ¬†13 of them into the back and drove down to the beach. Such a fantastic wedding and couple, wishing Ron and Megan the best!!Irvine (7) ir10 ir8 ir6 Irvine (108) ir5 ir9 Irvine (85) ir11ir3 Irvine (255) Irvine (242) Irvine (248) ir2 Irvine (263) Irvine (288) Irvine (300) Irvine (341) Irvine (347) Irvine (349) ir1 ir7 Irvine (388) Irvine (438)